Our Mission


Our mission is to bring trendy, affordable and ethical multipurpose swimwear to the fun-loving water-goers of the world, while doing our best to complete the circle of sustainability. Here at Shaka Swim, we are passionate about keeping our oceans unpolluted and our sea critters healthy. Making the smallest impact possible on our environment while making a huge impact on our customers is our main purpose and motivation for turning the world around one splash at a time!
What are we doing to make the fashion industry more sustainable, you ask? Well, in an effort to combat "Fast Fashion", you will find that all of our swimsuits are handmade and reversible, giving you a good quality product that is highly diverse. At Shaka Swim, we strive to provide you with a well-made swimsuit that can last you for many seasons to come. Additionally we have teamed up with some extraordinary people in an effort to offset our footprint and preserve the purity of our earth and oceans! 
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Our oceans play a part in every single aspect of life including: the air in our lungs, the food in our bellies, and the delicate balance of our ecosystems. To survive and thrive, we all need healthy and uncontaminated oceans. At Shaka Swim we do our best to minimize our footprint by avoiding single use plastics, using sustainable materials for shipping, and generating our communications to a paperless capacity. Additionally we have joined 1% For The Planet as a member! This means that each year, at least 1% of our annual sales are donated to environmental nonprofits. We hope to help spread awareness on the issues plaguing our waters! Let's do our part!

  We know that purchasing 100% sustainable clothing is not attainable at this time. This fact is especially driven home in the swimwear industry, where synthetic material is almost unavoidable. While research is currently being conducted on how to produce more sustainable fabrics, there is not yet a readily available solution for swimwear. In an effort to complete the circle, we have partnered up with Quilts for Homeless to offer a temporary solution, and repurpose our swimwear fabric. Quilts for Homeless is a small charity that collects donated fabric to make quilts, and distribute them to those in need. We donate 100% of our swimwear scraps from Shaka Swim, and will offer a 10% discount off your next purchase to our customers who also donate. It is our mission to ensure that, while synthetic material is still being used for swimwear, we find a way to repurpose it, and encourage others to do the same! You will not find OUR fabric in the landfill; can you say the same for yourself?